A People’s Pope

Pope Francis
Official photograph of Pope Francis, from the Vatican

Pope Francis came from poor immigrant parents. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he slowly rose in the ranks of the Catholic Church hierarchy.

He is well known to travel by subway or bus to the Chancery and other places. He lived in a very simple apartment instead of a luxurious Cardinal’s residence. He bought his newspaper from a local kiosk store everyday. After his election to the Papacy, Pope Francis called the newspaper man personally to cancel his paper. He himself called! The newspaper man was astounded.

The Pope announced that he would wash the feet of prisoners in a local Roman prison on Holy Thursday and then did so. The Vatican staff can’t figure him out.

I have no doubt that Pope Francis will work to clean up the Vatican scandals. He will dismiss Roman Curia members who have hidden these evils!

My fear is that he will be poisoned by powerful evil men in the Vatican. It has happened in the past. Let’s pray for his protection and wish him well.

Msgr. Len